Publishing firm the Barrester Music Company made two ventures into the world of record issuing in the 1970s. The BMC label was the first: it released at least one single in 1971, Seventy-One BC's 'If You're Gonna Fall In Love'. The 'A' side was numbered BMC-1001; the 'B' side, 'My Pet', had its own number, BMC-1002.  The Demo single has 'NOT FOR RESALE' hand-stamped on both sides. Having the name of the group in mainly lower-case lettering is unusual.  Barrester's second label, Genie. appears to have been a little more prolific, putting three singles out in December 1976. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Seventy-One BC If You're Gonna Fall In Love BMC BMC 1001
71 Seventy-One BC My Pet BMC BMC 1002
71 Seventy-One BC When I See You Smile BMC BMC 1003

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