Independent label of the Pye group of labels. Blueprint was based in Mitcham; its first singles appearing in September 1979. The company released fourteen singles during 1979-80, several of which seem to have been in that very Eighties synthesizer-pop style. One of those singles, Fialka's, 'The Eyes Have It' (BLU-2005; 1980) registered briefly in the Singles Chart, getting to No. 52. The company sleeve had no writing on it to identify it. BLU-2004 has yet to be accounted for and may not have been issued. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Karel Sialka Armband BLUEPRINT BLU 2001
79 Crooks Modern Boys BLUEPRINT BLU 2002
79 Gabor Bb Laser Love BLUEPRINT BLU 2003
80 Not Issued BLUEPRINT BLU 2004
80 Fialka Karel The Eyes Have It BLUEPRINT BLU 2005
80 Crooks All The Time In The World BLUEPRINT BLU 2006
80 Fabulous Poodles Bionic Man BLUEPRINT BLU 2007
80 Same Wild About You BLUEPRINT BLU 2008
80 Garbo Bb Nyet Nyet Soviet BLUEPRINT BLU 2009
80 Edmunds Dave I Hear You Knocking BLUEPRINT BLU 2010
80 Gale Philip Judy In The School For Jiving BLUEPRINT BLU 2011
80 Gale Bb Metropolitan Life BLUEPRINT BLU 2012
80 Teenage Film Stars Odd Man Out BLUEPRINT BLU 2013
80 Fialka Karel File In For Get BLUEPRINT BLU 2014
80 Fabulous Poodles Stompn' With The Cat BLUEPRINT BLU 2015
80 Reputations I Believe You BLUEPRINT BLUX 1001

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