Independent label: from North of the border, owned by David Silver.  Bluebell seems to have specialized in Scottish music, issuing albums by the likes of the Golden Fiddle Orchestra and the Scottish Tenors.  It appears to have gone through two phases.  In the first it was handled by S.M.D. (see 'Scotia'); numbering was in the BBR-100s, with an 'EP' added to the prefix for EPs, and the label design had bluebells on it. Scotia seems to have gone in for large-font catalogue numbers around 1970. In 1978 the company seems to have been given a new lease of life.  Numbering was still in the BBR-100s, but this time extra characters were included according to whether the record was a single, an album or a cassette.  Singles had a BBR/SP prefix, albums a BBR/LP one, and cassettes a BBR/C.  Records of all sizes and formats seem to have shared the same 100-up numbers; Labels were of a plainer design, which can be found in different colours.  David Solley's single, 'The Sky Is Bluer In Scotland' (BBR/SP-101; 1978) was presumably the first release of this second phase.  BBR/LP-143, 'The Golden Fiddle Awards, Volume Two', came out in 1981, which suggests that the revived Bluebell survived into the '80s and issued more than forty records; releases after 1981 seem to have been scanty.  The majority of the company's products have been albums; the few 7" ones that turned up are listed below.  Any additions, or indeed any other information, would be welcome.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 David Solley The Sky Is Bluer In Scotland BLUEBELL  BBR/SP 101
78 Harry Paddie and Jim McNaughton The Party For Argyll BLUEBELL  BBR 101
78 Marlettes The Jeely Piece Song BLUEBELL  BBR 102
78 The Fraser - Dale Four Scottish Serendade BLUEBELL  BBR/EP 103
78 The Lochies Isean Bhoidhich (Beautiful Bird) BLUEBELL  BBR 104
79 David Silver And The Inverness Ceilidh Band Leis An Lur Gann BLUEBELL  BBR 105
79 Colin Campbell And His Highland Band Salute To The Argylls BLUEBELL  BBR 106
82 Alexander Morrison Tartan Tiger BLUEBELL  BBR/SP 101
82 David Silver And His Band Sons Of Glencoe BLUEBELL  BBR/SP 102
82 Not Traced BLUEBELL  BBR/SP 103
82 Not Traced BLUEBELL  BBR/SP 104
88 David Silver And The Inverness Ceilidh Band The Loch Ness Monster BLUEBELL  BBR/SP 105

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