Independent American label out of Beverly Hills. Blue Thumb was formed in 1968 by Bob Krasnow, Tommy LiPuma and Don Graham. It was absorbed into ABC Records in 1974, and was dropped in 1979 when MCA took over ABC. Some Blue Thumb product was licensed to Harvest Records in Britain, in the early '70s; a couple of albums and singles came out on the actual Blue Thumb label over here in 1973, through Island Records, sharing a WIP catalogue series with Island's own issues. The Crusaders are an American music group popular in the early 1970s known for their amalgamated jazz, pop, and soul sound. The Pointer Sisters are an American R&B recording girl group from Oakland, California that achieved mainstream success during the 1970s and 1980s. Spanning over three decades, their repertoire has included such diverse genres as pop, disco, jazz, electronic music, bebop, blues, soul, funk, dance, country and rock. The Pointer Sisters were inducted onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The group early origins was sisters June and Bonnie Pointer. Ruth joined in December 1972. to make the trio. 1980s consisting of the line-up of June, Ruth, and Anita. Bonnie had left the group in 1978 to commence a solo career. In Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Crusaders Put It Where You Want It BLUE THUMB WIP 6143
73 Pointer Sisters Yes We Can Can BLUE THUMB WIP 6171

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