A subsidiary of CBS. Blue Sky was the record division of Steve Paul's management company of the same name; it seems to gone in mainly for Blues-tinged Rock such as that of Johnny Winter and Rick Derringer. It helped revive the career of legendary bluesman Muddy Waters, but its only Singles Chart successes in Britain were a couple of Disco singles by Dan Hartman, 'Instant Replay' (SKY-6706; 1978), and 'This Is It' (SKY-6999; 1979). Blue Sky's singles shared a numerical series with those of CBS, Epic and the rest of the group's labels, though they had their own SKY prefix.  Reportedly the label started life in 1971 in the States; it made its debut in the UK four years later, its products appearing on Epic in the intervening period. Blue Sky seems to have ground to a halt in 1980, as far as the United Kingdom is concerned. Two different label designs were used: an early black one to the end of 1976, and a blue one from 1978 on - it appears that no singles were issued in 1977. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Rick Derringer Hang On Sloopy BLUE SKY S SKY 3219
75 Rick Derringer DonīT Ever Say Goobye BLUE SKY S SKY 3511
76 Edgar Winter  Diamond Eyes BLUE SKY S SKY 4217
76 Derringer Let Me In BLUE SKY S SKY 4661
78 Derringer  Lawyers Guns And Money BLUE SKY S SKY 6515
78 David Johansen Funky But Chic BLUE SKY S SKY 6663
79 Dan Hartman Instant Replay BLUE SKY S SKY 6706
79 Dan Hartman This Is It BLUE SKY S SKY 6999
79 Dan Hartman Time And Space BLUE SKY S SKY 7221
79 Dan Hartman Boogie All Summer BLUE SKY S SKY 7741
79 Edgar Winter It's Your Life To Live BLUE SKY S SKY 7803
79 David Johansen Melody BLUE SKY S SKY 7827
79 Dan Hartman Hands Down BLUE SKY S SKY 7896
80 Dan Hartman Relight My Fire BLUE SKY S SKY 8104
80 David Johansen  Swaheto Woman BLUE SKY S SKY 8125
80 Edgar Winter  Above And Beyond BLUE SKY S SKY 8246
80 Rick Derringer Don'T Ever Say Goodbye BLUE SKY S SKY 8326
80 Dan Hartman Free Ride BLUE SKY S SKY 8562

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