A division of Spark Records. Blue Jean put out a couple of Soul-influenced-Pop sides by Soul Response and a couple of Glam-Pop singles by Light Fantastic, and that seems to have been the lot; though the label appears to have been marginally busier in mainland Europe. Distribution in Britain was by Pye, which explains the yellow label on the first promotional single - all Pye promos at that time (1974) were that colour. The second promo shares the later Pye promo layout. Catalogue numbers were in the BJS-700s. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Light Fantastic Take Me Shake Me BLUE JEAN BJS 701
74 Soul Response Loving On The Losing Side BLUE JEAN BJS 702
75 Soul Response Doin' The Bump BLUE JEAN BJS 703
75 Light Fantastic We Are The Song BLUE JEAN BJS 704

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