Independent label: Blue Inc. appears to have been a mixed label, with some Reggae and some ballads on its catalogue.  One of those Reggae singles, Richard Ace's version of the Bee Gees' 'Stayin' Alive' (INC-2), made it into the Top 75 for a couple of weeks in 1978. There were at least thirteen issues; INC-13 came out in September 1981. Distribution was initially and latterly by Spartan, with WEA and CBS handling the label in-between. Blue Inc Records Limited Former Address: 155 Church Street London W2 1NA. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Winter David  Reed Island  BLUE INC  INC 1
78 Ace Richard Stayin' Alive BLUE INC  INC 2
79 Lloyd Campbell Closer I Get To You BLUE INC  INC 3
79 Tuesday'S Children Boogie Woman BLUE INC  INC 4
79 Ritz Movie Star BLUE INC  INC 5
79 Ace Richard Substitute BLUE INC  INC 6
79 Winter David Stay BLUE INC  INC 7
79 The Passengers  Something About You (I Don'T Like) BLUE INC  INC 8
80 Not Issued BLUE INC  INC 9
80 Motion Walk On By BLUE INC  INC 10
80 Roberts Juliet  Bed'S Too Big Without You BLUE INC  INC 11
81 Thunderthighs Loving You Ain'T Easy BLUE INC  INC 12
81 T Mike Do It Anyway You Wanna BLUE INC  INC 13
81 Datcher Clarke You Fooled Him Once Again BLUE INC  INC 14
82 Black Harmony Everything To Me BLUE INC  INC 15

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