Blast From The Past was an Oldies label; it dealt in three-track various artists reissues of hits from the Rock 'n' Roll years. It was a subsidiary of Creole Records, and its singles shared a CR-100 series with those of its parent company. It appears to have been active from 1979 to 82, though its '80s records seem to have been reissues of the '70s ones.  Manufacture and Distribution were by CBS Recaords. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.


75 Chequers Undecided Love CREOLE CR 101
75 Silva Merle De Boy In The Band CREOLE CR 102
75 Maxfield Mike Hey Mister CREOLE CR 103
75 Funky Brown & Inner Circle Band I See You CREOLE CR 104
75 Fela Ransome Kuti Shakara CREOLE CR 105
75 Pound Of Flesh Funky March CREOLE CR 106
75 Grand Army Fame CREOLE CR 107
75 Brockington Julius This Feeling CREOLE CR 108
75 Crispy And Company Brazil CREOLE CR 109
75 Sky See You In September CREOLE CR 110
75 Chequers Rock On Brother CREOLE CR 111
75 Asher John Let'S Twist Again CREOLE CR 112
75 Barker Butch The Joker CREOLE CR 113
75 Crispy And Company Get It Together CREOLE CR 114
75 Vip Connection Pleaselove Me Again CREOLE CR 115
76 Chequers Hey Miss Payne CREOLE CR 116
76 Asher John Twist'N Party CREOLE CR 117
76 Azeff Bobby My Way CREOLE CR 118
76 Boney M Baby Do You Wanna Bump CREOLE CR 119
76 M & O Band Let'S Do The Latin Hustle CREOLE CR 120
76 Christie David Jaywalk CREOLE CR 121
76 Pretty Maid Company Pretty Maid CREOLE CR 122
76 Lear Amander Come Back Beatles CREOLE CR 123
76 Soul Affair Orchestra Amor CREOLE CR 124
76 Sweet Hands Live Show CREOLE CR 125
76 Lafayette Street Chariot CREOLE CR 126
76 Stone Judy Would You Lay To Me CREOLE CR 127
76 Not Issued CREOLE CR 128
76 Third World Band Disco Hop CREOLE CR 129
76 Beaton Norman Family Man CREOLE CR 130
76 Sinclair Ian I Can'T Ask Fo Anything More Than You CREOLE CR 131
76 Hot Blood Soul Dracula CREOLE CR 132
76 Tiffany  Lover'S Magic CREOLE CR 133
76 53Rd & 3Rd Rub It In CREOLE CR 134
76 Ice Bobo Step CREOLE CR 135
77 Lycee Francais Do What You Wanna Do CREOLE CR 136
77 Honky Join The Party CREOLE CR 137
77 Hill Roni You Keep Me Hangin' On [Medley] CREOLE CR 138
77 Elizabeth God Save The Sex Pistols CREOLE CR 139
77 Little Richard Good Golly Miss Molly CREOLE CR 140
77 Winters Ruby I Will CREOLE CR 141
77 Mock Turtle Lady Of Fifth Avenue CREOLE CR 142
77 Carvells The La Run CREOLE CR 143
77 House Of Lords I'M On My Way CREOLE CR 144
76 Montreal Sound Music CREOLE CR 145
79 Allan Steve Together We Are Beautiful CREOLE CR 146
77 Love Affair Private Lives CREOLE CR 146
77 Harris Oscar Sing Your Freedom Song CREOLE CR 147
77 Cat'S Choir Disco Party Hits CREOLE CR 148
78 Eastside Connection You'Re So Right For Me CREOLE CR 149
78 Stare Hypnptique CREOLE CR 150
78 Honky Give All You Got CREOLE CR 151
78 Watson Ona Take This Job And Shove It CREOLE CR 152
78 Winters Ruby Come To Me CREOLE CR 153
78 Roomantics Wonderful Dream CREOLE CR 154
78 Pumpkin Delivery The Creeper CREOLE CR 155
78 Hogsnort Rupert Plant Song CREOLE CR  156
78 Quincy Simple Things CREOLE CR 157
78 Struggle Toad CREOLE CR 158
78 Liquid Gold Anyway You Do It CREOLE CR 159
78 Winters Ruby I Won'T Mention It Again CREOLE CR 160
78 Little Richard Send Me Some Lovin' 1978 CREOLE CR 161
78 Winters Ruby For The Good Times CREOLE CR 162
78 Telegrams Oh Baby Please CREOLE CR 163
78 Allan Steve Together We Are Beautiful CREOLE CR 164
78 New Congreation Hallelujah CREOLE CR 165
78 Aylestone School Choir Hey Jude CREOLE CR 166
78 Ganymed It Takes Me Higher CREOLE CR 167
78 Middleton Jerry Hey Girl CREOLE CR 168
79 Liquid Gold Mr Groovy CREOLE CR 170
79 Winters Ruby Baby Lay It Down CREOLE CR 171
79 Hareem The Boogie Man CREOLE CR 172
79 Mitchell Brenda Body Party CREOLE CR 173
79 Winters Ruby Back To The Love CREOLE CR 174
79 Jones Sonia Just In Love With You CREOLE CR 175
79 Lynn-Dean Jesse Do It CREOLE CR 176
79 Francis Winston One Step Ahead CREOLE CR 177
79 Carter Clarence Patches BLAST FROM THE PAST  CR 178
79 Box Tops Cry Like A Baby BLAST FROM THE PAST  CR 179
79 Crew Cuts Sh Boom BLAST FROM THE PAST  CR 180
79 Bonds Gary U S New Orleans BLAST FROM THE PAST  CR 181
79 Crystals Da Doo Ron Ron BLAST FROM THE PAST  CR 182
79 Chiffons He'S So Fine BLAST FROM THE PAST  CR 183
79 Johnny & Hurricanes Reveille Rock BLAST FROM THE PAST  CR 184
79 Eddy Duane Rebel Rouser BLAST FROM THE PAST  CR 185
79 B Bumble & Stingers Nut Rocker BLAST FROM THE PAST  CR 186
79 Fred John & Playboys Judy In Disguise BLAST FROM THE PAST  CR 187
79 Gore Leslie It'S My Party BLAST FROM THE PAST  CR 188
82 Checker Chubby Let'S Twist Again BLAST FROM THE PAST  CR 189
82 Cannon Freddy Way Down Yonder In New Orleans BLAST FROM THE PAST  CR 190
82 Little Richard Good Golly Miss Molly BLAST FROM THE PAST  CR 191
82 Coasters Yakety Yak BLAST FROM THE PAST  CR 192
82 Ford Frankie Sea Cruise BLAST FROM THE PAST  CR 193
82 Eddy Duane Forty Miles Of Bad Road BLAST FROM THE PAST  CR 194
82 Drifters Saturday Night At The Movies BLAST FROM THE PAST  CR 195
82 Shannon Del Runaway BLAST FROM THE PAST  CR 196
83 The Fantastics A1: Something Old, Something New BLAST FROM THE PAST  CR 197


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