The label of Eric (E.C.) Radcliffe's 'Blackwing Studios', of South-East London. The studio is perhaps best known for being the place where several of Daniel Miller's early 'Mute' label records were made, but previous to the 'Mute' involvement it put out some records under its own steam. There were just the two of them, both by British Country group the Garry Blackmore Band. First was an album, 'Contrasts', which came out in 1978 and had a catalogue number of AERL-19; it was followed a year later by the single shown above, 'A Little Bit Lonesome' (BW-123).  Eric Radcliffe later formed Reset Records with Vince Clarke of Yazoo; the title of Yazoo's 'Upstairs At Eric's' LP is a reference to Blackwing Studios. Blackwing Studios is now a Defunct recording studio located in a deconsecrated church in London. Blackwing Studios was most notable for early Depeche Mode and Yazoo recordings in the early 1980s. It closed down in September 2001. Former Address: All Hallows Church, 1 Pepper Street, London SE1 0EP. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Garry Blackmore Band A Little Bit Lonesome  BLACKWING BW 123

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