Independent label: Black Swan began life in 1963 (or possibly late '62) as a Ska label, run by Island. It numbered its records in the WI-400s, and expired in 1965. The label was revived briefly by Trojan in 1970-71, and was re-revived by Island in 1977.   Trojan issues were in a BW-1400 series; the later Island ones shared a WIP-6000 catalogue series with that company's own singles and had their own company sleeve - a black and white version of the standard blue Island one. Distributed By Island Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Young Satch Bonga Bonga Bonga BLACK SWAN BW 1401
70 Selwyn Baptiste  Mo' Bay (Montego Bay) BLACK SWAN BW 1402
71 Lowbites  I Got It  BLACK SWAN BW 1403
71 Itals Dawn Patrol BLACK SWAN BW 1404
71 Lloyd Clarke  Love You The Most BLACK SWAN BW 1405
71 Lee Bogle Tomorrow'S Dreams BLACK SWAN BW 1406
71 Charlie Ace Judgement Rock BLACK SWAN BW 1407
71 Aitken Laurel If It'S Hell Down Below BLACK SWAN BW 1408
71 Ruby & Gloria   Talk To Me Baby BLACK SWAN BW 1409
71 Rad Bryan  Girl You Rock My Soul BLACK SWAN BW 1410
76 Dillinger Bionic Dread BLACK SWAN WIP 6355
77 Ras Midas Kude A Ramra BLACK SWAN WIP 6371
77 Dillinger Natty B.S.C BLACK SWAN WIP 6380
77 Drummond Keble & Cables What Kind Of World BLACK SWAN WIP 6382
77 Rowe Keith Groovy Situation BLACK SWAN WIP 6405
77 Dillinger Cocane In My Brain BLACK SWAN WIP 6416

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