independent label devoted to individual and collective releases by the members of Post-Punk band The Homosexuals. The Homosexuals' first single appeared on the Lorelei label in 1978. They put out a handful of releases on Black Noise, in various formats, using a NO-0 numerical series for most of them. (NO-1; 1979) and L. Voag's 'Move' (MOVE-1; 1979) The Homosexuals are a punk band formed in 1978. They were born out of the ashes of The Rejects.  Black Noise records was a name thought up by Bruno Wizard founder of ''The Homosexuals'' when he was contemplating one afternoon about the dark matter in the center of a black hole in space. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Homosexuals Bigger Than The Number Yet Missing The Dot [ Ep ] BLACK NOISE NO 1
80 Homosexuals The Homosexuals Ep ‎(12") BLACK NOISE NO 2
81 Homosexuals Venceremos (Album) BLACK NOISE NO 3
81 Ice Le Bas Ice Le Bas‎(12") BLACK NOISE NO 4
81 Sir Alick And The Phraser In Search Of The Perfect Baby BLACK NOISE 7 NO 5
81 George Harrasment Masai Sleep Walking (Album) BLACK NOISE BN 6
79 L. Voag'S  Move  BLACK NOISE MOVE 1

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