independent label from Llandeilo, Swansea, owned by Mike Evans. Black Mountain started out in 1974 and is still in business today. Its first three records were by comedian / singer Ryan Davies, whom Evans managed, but after Ryans's death (in 1977) the label continued. Its output seems to have been varied - there were albums by another comedian, Kenny Smiles, and by Folk trio Triban, as well as more middle-of-the-road material. Eventually, however, it appears to have concentrated upon recordings of choirs. Singles and albums shared the same BM-0 numerical series; two singles from the '70s, Ryan Davies' 'La La La' (BM-1; 1974), and 'Summer of '42' (BM-3; 1979), which was credited to Ryan. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Ryan Davies La La La BLACK MOUNTAIN BM 1
75 Ryan Ryan...At The Rank (Album) BLACK MOUNTAIN BM 2
75 Ryan Davies Summer of '42 BLACK MOUNTAIN BM 3

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