Independent Northern Soul label, dedicated to licensing popular American Soul singles. Black Magic was a division of Selectadisc; its products were distributed both by Selecta and by CBS, which pressed the records. It released around sixteen singles, during the period 1975-76.  The Sharonettes took it into the Top Thirty, with 'Papa Oom Mow Mow' (BM-102; 1975); their follow-up, 'Going To A Go-Go' (BM-104; 1975) only made it into the Top Fifty. Singles had catalogue numbers in the BM-100s. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Relf Bob & Paula Russell  Blowin'My Mind To Pieces BLACK MAGIC BM 101
75 Sharonettes Papa Ooh Mow Mow BLACK MAGIC BM 102
75 Father'S Angel Bok To Bach BLACK MAGIC BM 103
75 Sharonettes Going To A Go Go BLACK MAGIC BM 104
75 Chandler Lorraine Love You Baby BLACK MAGIC BM 105
75 Soul Fox Orchestra Thumb A Ride BLACK MAGIC BM 106
75 Gray Dobie Out On The Floor BLACK MAGIC BM 107
75 Chantelles Runaway BLACK MAGIC BM 108
75 Creation I Get The Fever BLACK MAGIC BM 109
75 Chantelles Sugar Dumpling BLACK MAGIC BM 110
76 Baker Butch & Milestones The Joker BLACK MAGIC BM 111
76 Cherry People And Suddenly BLACK MAGIC BM 112
76 Sharonettes Broken Hearted Melody BLACK MAGIC BM 113
76 Funkees Abraka BLACK MAGIC BM 114
76 Clark Jimmy Soul Sweet Darlin' BLACK MAGIC BM 115
76 Love Jill Baby My Way Or Hit The Highway BLACK MAGIC BM 116

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