Black Lion Records was a label specialising in Jazz, usually of a Mainstream sort. In 1971 Black Lion label was set up by Polydor as an outlet for Alan Bates' productions in April of that year.   It was basically an album concern, and it issued comparatively few singles, Distribution was by Polydor initially (until 1974) and then Transatlantic; the singles seem to have appeared during one of Transatlantic's Polydor-pressed 'injection moulded' periods, which is a slight pity, and while some copies of the the EP had a paper label the contrast between the sober 7" designs and the flamboyant 12" one is striking.   Black Lion continued to issue records into the mid '80s at least; by November 1982 its singles were appearing in a BS-7100 series instead of the old BSP-45100 one, and were being distributed by SP&S.  The label had an LP-only Avant-Garde subsidiary, 'Freedom'.  

75 Chris Barber The Chris Barber Jubilee Maxi Single E.P. BLACK LION PMS 501
76 Louis Jordan  Is You Is Or Is You Ain'T My Baby BLACK LION BSP 45104
76 Lonnie Donegan  Lost John BLACK LION BSP 45105
76 Chris Barber  Giv Me An Old Fashioned Swing BLACK LION BSP 45106

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