Black Hole Records was a DIY label from Scotland.  An EP by Rock band Kruza featuring 'Movies In The Night' and three other tracks was Black Hole's only release.  It had a catalogue number of BHR-101 and a matrix number of CS-7246; the latter shows that it was made through Craighall Studios of Edinburgh, and enables us to put an approximate year to it.  CS-7252 was an EP entitled 'Folk On The Fringe '76' (see 'Folk On The Fringe '76' for details) , which suggests that the Kruza record was from 1977 or thereabouts.  The label was of typical simple DIY appearance, being black with silver printing; it has 'BLACK HOLE RECORDS' at the top in two lines.  If you see a copy grab it - they're apparently quite collectable. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info

76 Kruza Movies In The Night BLACK HOLE BHR 101

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