Independent label: Black Gold Records was a Glasgow-based label from the Punk / New Wave years. Funded by local record-shop owner Charlie Hayes, Black Gold released at least three singles The Zips band members were John McNeill Vocals/Guitar Joe Jaconelli Drums/Backing Vocals Brian Jackson Lead Guitar Phil Mullen Bass Guitar/Vocals . Distributed By Black Gold Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Not Traced BLACK GOLD BG 791
79 Joe And Sandra Wayne Rocky's Talkie Gutar BLACK GOLD BG 792
79 Dodger See Through Your Eyes BLACK GOLD BG 793
79 Shoroko Last Night  BLACK GOLD BG 794
79 Dundee Junior Showtime Kids BLACK GOLD BG 795
80 The Altos Now I Know BLACK GOLD BG 801
80 Not Traced BLACK GOLD BG 802
80 Midnight Express Glen Afton Social Club.....Live BLACK GOLD BG 803
80 Eighth House Always Anyway BLACK GOLD BG 804
79 The Zips  Take Me Down  BLACK GOLD ZIPS 1

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