Part of the Plastic Fantastic family. Blackbury seems to have run to just the two singles, both of which appeared in 1978. They were James Ashbey's 'Tomorrow Maybe' (PFU-5001), and 'Funky Christmas' by Spectrum (PFU-5002). Manufacture and distribution were by Pye, as they were for all the Plastic Fantastic labels in the '70s. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Jamieson James Operator BLACK BEAR BLB 2001
77 Argyll & Sutherland Band Zulu BLACK BEAR BLB 2002
77 Leila & Co Leila BLACK BEAR BLB 2003
77 Love Dimension I Found Someone Else BLACK BEAR BLA 2004
78 Haynes Steve Band Back In My Arms Again BLACK BEAR BLA 2005
78 Photograph Mr Make Or Break BLACK BEAR BLA 2006
78 Stops Glad I'M Not A Woman BLACK BEAR BLA 2007
78 Haynes Steve Band Save Me Save BLACK BEAR BLA 2008
78 Not Issued BLACK BEAR BLA 2009
79 Love Dimension You Stepped Into My Life BLACK BEAR BLA 2010
79 Hi-Voltage Smile BLACK BEAR BLA 2011

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