Independent label: Black Ark was a recording studio in Jamaica, owned by Lee Perry. The Black Ark label seems to have been mainly a Jamaican affair, with its products being licensed to other companies over here in the 1970s, but it appears to have managed at least two British releases in its own right: U. Roy's '006' (BAR-101; 1973), and 'Just Like A Log' by the Three Tops (BAR-104; 1973) - though the Three Tops record may not have made it past the white label demo stage.  The BAR-100 series was used in Jamaica for some Black Ark / Black Art singles, so not everything in that series may have been issued over here. The Black Ark was the recording studio of reggae and dub producer Lee "Scratch" Perry, built in 1973 and located behind his family's home in the Washington Gardens neighborhood of Kingston, Jamaica. Although the studio itself was somewhat rudimentary in its set-up and particularly basic with regard to some of the dated equipment employed by Perry, it was nonetheless the breeding ground for some of Jamaica's (and arguably the world's) most innovative sounds and recording techniques in the latter half of the 1970s. Black Ark Records Former address: Starlight Records: 17 Craven Park Road, Harlesden, London NW10.Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 U ROY 006 BLACK ARK  BAR 101
73 Annette Clarke I Wanna Be There  BLACK ARK  BAR 102
73 Not Issued BLACK ARK  BAR 103
73 Three Tops Just Like A Log BLACK ARK  BAR 104
73 Ken McKay Nobody Knows BLACK ARK  BAR 105

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