Independent label: Birth was one of Miki Dallon's labels, a subsidiary of Young Blood. It ran to just the four singles, all of which appeared in 1973. Numbering was in a RAB-1000 series, and pressing was by CBS, as it was for Young Blood at the time. RAB-1004, 'Who Is The Hero', by Kevin Lambe, came out in September 1973; it had previously been issued on the Concord label (CON-023) in 1972, so Miki Dallon must have had faith in it.  The Birth version had a different 'B' side, 'Who Stole The Ice'; was the 'A' side a re-recording? The BZN single was manufactured by CBS; it seems probable that the others were too. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Gary Benson  Sausalito BIRTH RAB 1001
73 Gary Benson  The Concert BIRTH RAB 1002
73 B.Z.N Rolling Round The Band BIRTH RAB 1003
73 Lamb Kevin Who Is The Hero BIRTH RAB 1004

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