Independent label: Birds Nest issued records from 1975 to 79. Its offerings varied from power trio stuff from Agnes Strange to an electronic Disco single by Warlord, with some Country and some novelty pop items thrown in for good measure. It managed a very reasonable number of releases, few of which are happened upon very often nowadays. Numbering was in the BN-0s for the first five singles, which were released in or around 1975. The label appears to have been shelved for a while, but it returned in 1978, with numbers now in the BN-100s and the position of the credits altered. Happy Face Records operated from the same address. The Old Smithy, Post Office Lane, Kempsey, Worcestershire - so it is reasonable to assume that there must have been an intimate relationship between the two of them. Producer Muff Murfin had a recording studio at that address; Murfin owned the Birds Nest, on his own at first but later in conjunction with Clive Selwood, previously of Elektra and Dandelion. Selwood's involvement may have been contemporaneous with the start of the BN-100 series. It may be that, in the '70s at least, Birds Nest was used for proper releases and Happy Face for custom recordings.  Some Birds Nest singles were marketed by Baal Records; Baal was another of the Pye-distributed labels. BN-4 and BN-5 are listed in the Pye catalogue of 1977, both came out on Paladin in 1976, so their Birds Nest incarnation may have been short-lived. Distributed By Pye Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Agnes Strange Clever Fool BIRDSNEST  BN 1
75 Paragon You Can Sing With The Band BIRDSNEST  BN 2
75 B L & G Live In The Mountain BIRDSNEST  BN 3
76 M & O Band Summer Hustle BIRDSNEST  BN 4
76 Feminine Touch You Make It Come Alive BIRDSNEST  BN 5
78 Ray Smith When I've Seen An Elephant Fly BIRDSNEST  BN 101
78 Little Acre Perfect Crime BIRDSNEST  BN 102
78 Ray Smith And The Severn Stoke Stompers Someone's Pinched Me Panda BIRDSNEST  BN 103
78 Fanz Fonzie Shuffle BIRDSNEST  BN 104
78 Unisex Music Man BIRDSNEST  BN 105
78 Warlords Ultimate Warlord BIRDSNEST  BN 106
78 Sally J It'S So Easy BIRDSNEST  BN 107
78 Davenport Paul I Just A Tease BIRDSNEST  BN 108
78 Rowdies A.C.A.B. BIRDSNEST  BN 109
78 Little Acre Back Off BIRDSNEST  BN 110
78 Ashton John I Love Waylon And Willie BIRDSNEST  BN 111
78 Culpepper Country Broken Hearts BIRDSNEST  BN 112
78 Squelch Chris Lonely Nights BIRDSNEST  BN 113
78 Bee Girl Don'T Come BIRDSNEST  BN 114
78 M & O Band White Christmas BIRDSNEST  BN 115
79 Wailing Cocks Rockin' Youth BIRDSNEST  BN 116
79 Little Acre Takin' Me Away BIRDSNEST  BN 117
79 Melvin'S Marauders Buzz Buzz A Diddle It BIRDSNEST  BN 118
79 Not Issued BIRDSNEST  BN 119
79 Little Acre Emotions BIRDSNEST  BN 120
79 Wailing Cocks Listin To The Wailing Cocks BIRDSNEST  BN 121
79 Milne Jim Who Am I  BIRDSNEST  BN 122

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