Independent label: This particular Big label seems to have been one of the many independent companies which came and went during the New Wave years. Going by catalogue numbers, it would appear to have released at least six singles during 1978-79, the numbering started at SOLD-4.   For some reason the company's name, Big Records, appears to have gained a question mark at the end of it from SOLD-5 onwards; from that time too the titles appeared on one side only. The picture on the 'B' side of the Hobbs' record features a map of part of Birmingham city centre. Distribution for at least part of the time was by Graduate Records and by Rough Trade. Big Records was from the Birmingham. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Not Traced BIG SOLD 1
78 Not Traced BIG SOLD 2
78 Not Traced BIG SOLD 3
78 Hobbs Bop Around The Shop BIG SOLD 4
79 Denizens People Of The Night BIG SOLD 5
79 Mosiah Rumours Of War BIG SOLD 6

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