Independent label The second Big V of the '70s was a short-lived label from 1979.  This Big V appears to have managed just two releases, an album and a single.  They shared a V-000 numerical series.  V-001 was an album by singer Frankie Vaughan, 'Moonlight And Love Songs' - presumably Vaughan the 'Big V'.  V-002 was the single David Simon's, 'Just When I Needed You Most'. Neither appears to have sold in any great quantity. The matrix number on the David Simon single, SRTS-79420, indicates that SRT were responsible for recording and pressing.  See also 'Beautiful V', which was another Frankie Vaughan label. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Frankie Vaughan  Moonlight And Love Songs (Album) BIG V V 001
79 David Simon  Just When I Needed You Most BIG V V 002

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