Independent label: Big Tree was founded in 1970 by Doug Morris; it stopped issuing new material in 1979 and had disappeared from the WEA catalogues by 1984. The Big Tree label didn't appear in Britain till the 1976, nor did it hang around for all that long; though it did have a minor hit with England Dan and John Ford Coley's 'Love Is The Answer' (K-11296) in 1979. Its singles shared a K-10000 numerical series with those of Atlantic, and were manufactured and distributed by WEA. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 England Dan & John Ford Coley I'D Really Love To See You Tonight BIG TREE K 10810
76 England Dan And John Ford Coley Nights Are Forever Without You BIG TREE K 10866
76 Parker McGee I Just Can't Say No To You BIG TREE K 10888
77 Parker McGee This Magic Night BIG TREE K 10903
77 Hot Angel In Your Arms BIG TREE K 10927
77 Mcgee Parker Angel Dancin' BIG TREE K 10996
77 Le Blanc Lenny Hound Dog Man BIG TREE K 11005
78 England Dan And John Ford Coley We'll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again BIG TREE K 11111
78 Le Blanc And Carr Falling BIG TREE K 11114
78 Pickett Wilson Who Turned You On BIG TREE K 11169
79 England Dan & John Ford Coley Love Is The Answer BIG TREE K 11296
79 England Dan & John Ford Coley Hollywood Heckle & Jive BIG TREE K 11334
79 Gwen Owens I Don't Want To Dance No More BIG TREE K 11335
80 England Dan & John Ford Coley IM In It For Love BIG TREE K 11452

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