A Reggae label; part of the Trojan group. Big  Records ran from 1970-72, and was a vehicle for Rupie Edwards's productions. Singles were issued in a BG-300 series and on two different labels - a plain one first a more complex one later. Distributed By Trojan Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 White Joe This Is The Time BIG BG 301
70 Meditators When You Go To The Party BIG BG 302
70 Dobson Dobby That Wonderful Sound BIG BG 303
70 The Hi-Tals  Everytime  BIG BG 304
70 Edwards Rupie All Stars  Music Alone Shall Live  BIG BG 305
70 Slickers  Dip Dip  BIG BG 306
70 Brooks D.  Oh Me Oh My BIG BG 307
70 Not Issued BIG BG 308
71 White Joe Baby I Care BIG BG 309
71 Dobson Dobby Halfway To Paradise  BIG BG 310
71 Benett Bruce  If You Don'T Mind  BIG BG 311
71 Higgs Joe  Burning Fire  BIG BG 312
71 Ray Froggy  Uncle Charlie  BIG BG 313
71 Ray Froggy  Half Moon  BIG BG 314
71 Cole Keith  Musical Attack  BIG BG 315
71 Cole Keith  Music Alone  BIG BG 316
71 Niney & The Observers  You Must Believe Me  BIG BG 317
71 Conscious Minds  Jamaican Boy  BIG BG 318
71 Gaylads Can'T Hide The Feeling BIG BG 319
71 Edwards Rupie All Stars  Soulful Stew  BIG BG 320
71 Glen Adams  Weary Version 3 BIG BG 321
71 Parker Ken  Ain'T Misbehavin  BIG BG 322
71 Mclaren Dave  Love Is What I Bring  BIG BG 323
71 Dunkley Errol  Deep Meditation  BIG BG 324
71 Itals  Ba Da Doo Ba Dey  BIG BG 325
71 Diamonds  Girl You Are Too Young  BIG BG 326
71 Dunkley Errol  Three In One BIG BG 327
71 Dunkley Errol  You'Re Gonna Need Me  BIG BG 328
71 Hugh Roy Junior  Papacito  BIG BG 329
72 Ethiopians   Solid As The Rock BIG BG 330
72 Dion & Three Tops  Three Tops Time  BIG BG 331
72 Herman Bongo And Les  Eternal Drums  BIG BG 332
72 Edwards Rupie  Press Along  BIG BG 333
72 Romeo Max  Are You Sure  BIG BG 334
72 Edwards Rupie All Stars  Jimmy As Job Card  BIG BG 335
72 Seaton B.B.  I Want Justice  BIG BG 336
72 Edwards Rupie  Christmas Parade  BIG BG 337

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