Big Grunt Productions Records was a DIY label. It's sole contrbution to the world of records was an EP called 'Rock 'N' Roll Party' by Vince Grit & The Big Grunt.  It was made in order to advertise a Rock 'n' Roll party to be held on the 5th of January 1973 at Barrowhill Hall, Rocester, Staffs.  Music on the record is limited to snatches of other people's records, including a few Bill Haley tracks, a bit of the Beatles' 'Sergeant Pepper', and 'Crocodile Rock'  by Elton John (played backwards as well as in the right direction).  The rest is off-the-wall comedic links with a Goons / Monty Python air to them.  The EP came in a picture cover and dates from 1972.  The matrix number in the run-off was COUN-221, which indicates that the record was made through the County Recording Service of Bracknell.  There appears to be a connection to the JCB firm: pictured on the back of the record, and presumably contributing to it, are current chairman Anthony Bamford - now Lord Bamford - and director Tim Leadbeater. Distributed By Big Grunt Productions Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Vince Grit & The Big Grunt Rock 'N' Roll Party BIG GRUNT PRODUCTIONS COUN 221

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