Independent label The Big Ben label specialised in comedy LPs, but it did make the occasional venture into other fields. It issued a few seven-inches, including a Square-Dance EP, a Scottish Dance EP and a recording of the sounds of Shrewsbury Pumping Station. Numbering was in the BMD-00s, except for the Pumping Station one, which was numbered MOM-1.  The 'Dual Mono' system referred to on the second scan consisted of having the caller's instructions in one channel and the music in another, so that if you disconnected one of the speakers of your stereo system you could have one without the other. Big Ben was based at Suite 11, 52 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1. Its records were handled by Transatlantic; the blue one above was pressed by Orlake, the red one by Pye. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Stan Watts And His Scottish Dance Band Dances Frae O'Er The Border BIG BEN  BMD 01
70 Stan Watts And His Scottish Dance Band Dances Frae O'er The Border Volume 2 BIG BEN  BMD 02
71 Tommy Cavanagh And His Country Cousins Square Dance Time - Volume 1 BIG BEN  BMD 11

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