Independent label: A sister label to Ted Carroll and Trevor Churchill's 'Ace Records', and a successor to Chiswick. After Carroll and Churchill licensed their Chiswick label to EMI, in mid 1978, they started two more labels: this one, Big Beat, for contemporary material, and Ace, for reissues.  Both shared two numerical series which had previously been used by Chiswick: NS-00 for singles and SW-0 for EPs.  The last Chiswick NS was NS-41, 'Little Queenie' by Johnny Moped, which came out in June 1978. Numbers NS-42 to NS-48 weren't used, and Ace and Big Beat used NS-49 onwards. Big Beat released only a few singles in the 1970s, and did most of its business in the '80s; Distribution in the '70s was by Pinnacle. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Hoyt Scoggins Tennesee Rock BIG BEAT NS 53
79 Fisher Sonny Pink & Black BIG BEAT NS 54
79 Johnny & Jammers School Day Blues BIG BEAT NS 55
79 Bob Doldrum  I Am The Way / Dummy Shop BIG BEAT NS 56
80 Radiators From Space Four On The Floor [ Ep ] BIG BEAT SW 57
80 Physicals Be Like Me BIG BEAT NS 58
80 Motorhead Beer Drinkers And Hell Raiser BIG BEAT SW 61
80 Joe ‘King’ Carrasco Jalapeno Con Big Red BIG BEAT NS 62
80 101'Ers Sweet Revenge BIG BEAT NS 63
80 T.V. Smith & Explorers Tomahawk Cruise BIG BEAT NS 64
81 Brown Laverne I Got The Will BIG BEAT SW 68
81 Damned Wait For The Blackout BIG BEAT NS 74
82 Damned Love Songs BIG BEAT NS 75
82 Damned Smash It Up BIG BEAT NS 76
82 The Damned Wait For The Blackout BIG BEAT NS 77
82 Textones Vacation BIG BEAT NS 78
82 Tall Boys Island Of Lost Souls BIG BEAT NS 79
82 Damned Lively Arts BIG BEAT NS 80
82 Sting-Rays Dinosaurs BIG BEAT SW 82
82 Diz & Doorman Bluecoat Man BIG BEAT NS 83
82 Whitcomb Ian This Sporting Life BIG BEAT SW 84
83 Damned White Rabbit BIG BEAT NS 85
83 Escalators Something'S Missing BIG BEAT NS 86
83 Escalators The Munsters Theme BIG BEAT NS 87
83 Bananamen [Cramps] Crusher BIG BEAT NS 88
83 Guana Batz You'Re So Fine BIG BEAT SW 89
83 Prisoners Hurricane BIG BEAT NS 90
83 Jones Janie & Lash House Of The Ju-Ju Queen BIG BEAT NS 91
84 Naz Nomad & Nightmares I Had Too Much To Dream BIG BEAT NS 93
84 Milkshakes Brand New Cadillac BIG BEAT NS 94
84 Sting-Rays Escalator BIG BEAT NS 95
84 Guana Batz The Cave BIG BEAT NS 96
84 Sickidz I Could Go To Hell For You [ Ep ] BIG BEAT SW 97
84 Prisoners Electric Fit [ Ep ] BIG BEAT SW 98
84 Vibes Can You Feel The Underestimated BIG BEAT SW 99
84 Various Artist Four On Four [ Ep ] BIG BEAT SW 100
84 Delmonas Comin' Home Baby BIG BEAT SW 101
84 Delmonas Hello We Love You BIG BEAT SW 102
85 Vardis Standing In The Roab BIG BEAT NS 103
85 Restless Mr Blue BIG BEAT NS 104
84 Milkshakes The Ambassadors BIG BEAT SW 105
85 Restless Mr Blue BIG BEAT NS 106
85 Tall Boys Final Kick BIG BEAT NS 107
85 Lariat Lash Dole Queue Blues BIG BEAT NS 108
85 Sting-Rays Don'T Break Down BIG BEAT NS 109
85 Cramps Can Your Pussy Do The Dog BIG BEAT NS 110
85 Mustaphas 3 Si Vous Passez Par La BIG BEAT NS 111
86 Tall Boys Brand New Gun BIG BEAT NS 114
86 Cramps What'S Inside A Girl BIG BEAT NS 115
86 Surfin' Lungs Surf Jet Girl BIG BEAT SW 116
86 Surfin' Lungs Surf Jet Girl BIG BEAT SW 118
89 Cramps  Blues Fix Ep (Cd Only) BIG BEAT NS 136
89 Solarflares  You Want Blood BIG BEAT NS 137
89 Mustaphas 3 Bluke E Kripe Ne Vatar Tone BIG BEAT NS 133
89 Fleshtones  Armed And Dangerous BIG BEAT NS 134
89 Cramps Eyeball In My Martini BIG BEAT NS 135

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