Independent label from Birmingham, owned by Jim Simpson. The first Big Bear single, the Steam Shovel's, 'Rudi The Red-Nosed Reindeer', came out in 1968 through Trojan, and had a Trojan catalogue number, TR-635.  The 'Steam Shovel' was actually a pseudonym for the Locomotive, who Simpson managed; the Locomotive were contracted to Parlophone, but the single was turned down by that label so Simpson formed his own company in order to release it. After licensing material to Polydor for a short-lived 'Big Bear Blues' series of LPs Big Bear returned as a label in its own right in 1975 with a cooler-looking bear as its logo. An independent company, it was distributed consecutively by Transatlantic until November 1976, EMI, Lugton (by July 1978), and, by the end of 1979, Pinnacle. During the Transatlantic period singles were numbered in an OURS-0 numerical series; the later issues had injection-moulded labels which were pressed by Phonodisc. The move to EMI brought a change of both catalogue numbers, to the BB-0s, and label colours; the blue bear on a white background dates from the Lugtons era, as does the second Cousin Joe single, which has the references to EMI around the perimeter of the label blued out Big Bear was renowned for its blues LPs, by the likes of Dr. Ross, Lightnin' Slim, Homesick James, etc) but it also recorded local talent such as Soul/Funk band Muscles and New Wavers the Quads. In the '80s the company turned its attention to Jazz and Swing music, and it is still in operation today. It boasted a small subsidiary, Grandstand Records  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Baker Mickey  I'Ll Always Be In Love With You BIG BEAR OURS  1
74 Cousin Joe Lipstick Traces BIG BEAR OURS 2
75 Mighty Joe Boogie Down BIG BEAR OURS 3
75 Cousin Joe You Talk Too Much BIG BEAR OURS 4
75 Muscles Make Me Happy BIG BEAR OURS 5
76 Muscles Jungle Strut BIG BEAR OURS 6
76 Dazzler Bobby Dance Dance Dance BIG BEAR BB 1
76 Cousin Joe I'M Cousin Joe From New Orleans BIG BEAR BB 2
76 Mighty Flar Boogie Down BIG BEAR BB 3
77 Burnette Hank C Hanks Guitar Boogie BIG BEAR BB 4
77 Muscles Love Is All I'Ve Got BIG BEAR BB 5
77 Garbo It'S Over BIG BEAR BB 6
77 Turner Ike & Tina Crazy BIG BEAR BB 7
77 Muscles If It Relaxes Your Mind BIG BEAR BB 8
77 Zulu Red Red Libanon BIG BEAR BB 9
77 Garbo I Live For Your Love BIG BEAR BB 10
77 Roman Johnny You'Ll Never Know BIG BEAR BB 11
77 Muscles I'M A Girl Watcher BIG BEAR BB 12
77 Garbo Celluloid Heros Only Death Is Fatal BIG BEAR BB 13
77 Cousin Joe You'Re Never Too Old To Boogie BIG BEAR BB 14
77 King Ray Band What You Gonna Do BIG BEAR BB 15
77 Bullets Girl On Page 3 BIG BEAR BB 16
77 Braine Alain Valerie BIG BEAR BB 17
78 Couter Tjens Honey Bee BIG BEAR BB 18
78 Muscles Smooth Side BIG BEAR BB 19
78 Misspent Youth Betcha Won't Dance BIG BEAR BB 20
79 Chequers Unity BIG BEAR BB 21
79 King Ray & Cimande Pharoah'S Kingdom BIG BEAR BB 22
79 Quads There Must Be Thuosands BIG BEAR BB 23
79 Quads There'S Never Been A Night BIG BEAR BB 24
79 Gangsters White Christmas BIG BEAR BB 25
79 Gangsters Wooly Bully BIG BEAR BB 26
79 Quads There'S Must Be Thousands BIG BEAR BB 27
80 Thrillers Shooting To The Top BIG BEAR BB 28
80 Quads Ufo BIG BEAR BB 29
80 Wide Boys Stop That Boy BIG BEAR BB 30
81 Quads Gotta Get A Job BIG BEAR BB 32
89 King Pleasure Ain'T Nobody Here But Me BIG BEAR BB 40

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