Independent label: BGS Productions operated out of Strathaven, in Scotland, in the 1970s; the company was later to move to Kilsyth, Glasgow. It operated at least two labels, BGS Chord and Country House; singles and albums on both labels shared the same BGC-100 numerical series, though later singles had a '7S' between the prefix and the number. Not many BGS records appear in catalogues or online, which makes giving dates of operation difficult. Dougie Stevenson has kindly given a start date: its first records came out in 1973.  The green-labelled Ovation single, 'Lovey Dovey' (BGC-139), has a matrix number of DER-1222, which, if it is one of the series used by Deroy would give a year of release of 1975, which seems about right. Alan Grant's 'Story Of A Starry Night' (BGC-126), which was undated; its matrix number, DER-1170, would indicate 1974 or 75 for a Deroy pressing. By 1979 the label had acquired a new design, the single by, Duggie Small's version of the Beatles' 'Get Back' (BGC-244; 1979) was pressed by Lyntone (LYN-7715) and was distributed by Scotia. 1970s BGS Chord and Country House started at BGS-101. BGS is still in operation today, issuing records on its 'Scotdisc' label. and the Country House subsidiary was still operating in the mid '80s. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Ian Sutherland Ian Sutherland Style (Album) BGS BGS 109
77 Viscounts Live At The Falcon (Album) BGS CHORD BGS 117
78 Alan Grant Story Of A Starry Night BGS CHORD BGS 126
75 Ovation Lovey Dovey BGS CHORD BGS 139
78 Steve Burns Christmas With Steve Burns COUNTRY HOUSE  BGS 166
79 Steve Burns San Antone Rose COUNTRY HOUSE  BGS 175
79 Passport  Socorro Connection BGS CHORD BGS 215
79 Khord At Home In Scotland (Album) COUNTRY HOUSE  BGS 220
79 Alasdair Gillies Long Ago In Bethlehem COUNTRY HOUSE  BGS 237
79 Duggie Small Get Back BGS CHORD BGS 244
82 Dancing Fingers Dancing Fingers BGS CHORD BGS 283
80 Jolene With Part Two Golden Tears COUNTRY HOUSE  BGS 299
82 Kathie Kay Mother Of Mine  Mother Of Mine  COUNTRY HOUSE  BGS 305
83 Bryan Taylor The Love Boat (Album) COUNTRY HOUSE  BGS 339
84 Buzzard Creek Six Days On The Road COUNTRY HOUSE  BGC 7 363
Lena Martell
Today ‎(Album)
Lou Grant
Lou Grant Sings Your Radio Favourites ‎(album)

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