Independent label: BFD seems to have been responsible for just a couple of records: a single, 'Really Into You', by Punk / New Wave band Shadowfax (SFX-100; 1979), and a Power Pop offering by The Fence, 'Thinking That I Shouldn't', which came out in 1980. The Fence single's catalogue number BFD-2.  The Fence Was From yorkshire. Shadowfax - spelled 'Shaddowfax' on the single - was a rock band from Bradford & were Matti Unnuk (voc), Allan Unnuk (guitar voc), David Fairfax (bass), Roy Klymenko (drums).. Their single was pressed by Lyntone, as the matrix number, LYN-6950/6951, indicates. Distributed By BFD Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Shaddowfax Really Into You BFD SFX 100
80 Fence Thinking That I Shouldn't BFD BFD 2

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