Best Records was a DIY SRT's custom pressing. There was at least one single on Best, a version of Lennon and McCartney's 'Eleanor Rigby' by NWOBHM band Ethel The Frog. It was issued in 1978 with a catalogue number of SRTS/FMR-014, and it had a typically plain SRT custom pressing label. The SRTS/FMR-000 series was used by the Fairview Music studios, of Hull; it covered records on the studio's own label and on several other labels including this one. EMI gave Ethel a contract shortly afterwards, presumably making Best redundant in the process. Ethel the Frog was a heavy metal band formed in 1976 in Hull. They are notable for being a part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement. The band's unusual name was taken from a Monty Python sketch about the "Piranha Brothers". After building a local following, they released a heavy version of The Beatles song "Eleanor Rigby" in 1978. Ethel the Frog also contributed the song "Fight Back" to one of Neal Kay's Metal for Muthas compilations. In 1979, they signed a recording contract with EMI, which re-released the "Eleanor Rigby" single with "Whatever Happened to Love" as the B-side.  The original line-up was: Paul "Doug" Sheppard (lead guitar), Terry Hopkinson (vocals, bass), Paul Tognola (vocals, lead guitar), Paul Conyers (drums). Hopkinson is now a lecturer at the University of Leicester School of Archaeology. Tognola and Conyers went on to join a band called Salem, releasing one single called "Reach for Eternity/Cold as Steel" before that band also split in 1983. Doug Sheppard continued to play in cover bands, but then formed the band No Messiahs which lasted a couple of years, and he continues to play guitar in the Netherlands and has several original songs issued on ReverbnationDistributed By Best Records.

78 Ethel The Frog Eleanor Rigby BEST SRTS/FMR014 014

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