Beserkey was founded by Matthew King Kaufman in Berkley, California, in 1975. His stated aim was 'To have fun and make interesting records'. The label's off-the-wall approach was perfectly exemplified in Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers, whose 'Egyptian Reggae' was a hit worldwide. Sadly, other hits failed to follow, and money problems led to Beserkley issuing only a handful of records between 1980-83, though it made a brief comeback in 1988.  Numbering was in a BZZ-0 series. British distribution was by Selecta initially, with Decca doing the pressing; Island was responsible for marketing the first three singles. The label moved to Polydor in September 1978, at which point injection moulded labels were introduced, and then to Epic in the early '80s.  The discography below with the gaps in it, seem to have been unused numbers. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Richman Jonathan & Modern Lovers Roadrunner BESERKLEY BZZ 1
77 Richman Jonathan & Modern Lovers Egyptian Reggae BESERKLEY BZZ 2
77 Rubinoos I Think We'Re Alone Now BESERKLEY BZZ 3
77 Kihn Greg For You BESERKLEY BZZ 4
77 Tyla Gang Dust On The Needle BESERKLEY BZZ 5
77 Rubinoos Hard To Get BESERKLEY BZZ 6
78 Richman Jonathan & Modern Lovers Morning Of Our Lives BESERKLEY BZZ 7
78 The Rubinoos Leave My Heart Alone (Unreleased) BESERKLEY BZZ 8
78 Son Of Pete Mankind BESERKLEY BZZ 9
78 Spitballs Telstar BESERKLEY BZZ 10
78 Earth Quake  Chartbusters  BESERKLEY BZZ 11
78 Not Issued BESERKLEY BZZ 12
78 Rubinoos Rock & Roll Is Dead BESERKLEY BZZ 13
78 Modern Lovers New England BESERKLEY BZZ 14
78 Tyla Gang Tropical Love BESERKLEY BZZ 15
78 The Engineers  You Baby BESERKLEY BZZ 16
78 Smirks Ok Uk BESERKLEY BZZ 17
78 Rubinoos I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend BESERKLEY BZZ 18
78 Richman Jonathan Abdul & Cleopatra BESERKLEY BZZ 19
78 Kihn Greg Band Remember BESERKLEY BZZ 20
78 Not Issued BESERKLEY BZZ 21
78 Rubinoos Falling In Love BESERKLEY BZZ 22
78 Smirks Rosemary BESERKLEY BZZ 23
78 Not Issued BESERKLEY BZZ 24
78 Richman Jonathan & Modern Lovers Buzz Buzz Buzz BESERKLEY BZZ 25
79 Rubinoos Hold On BESERKLEY BZZ 26
79 Kihn Greg Moulin Rouge BESERKLEY BZZ 27
79 Richman Jonathan Lydia BESERKLEY BZZ 28

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