Independent label from Salford. Formed By Dave Bentley. Bent started life in 1978 and survived for long enough to issue two seven-inch singles and three twelve-inchers. Numbering was in a BENT-0 series, with a prefix of SMALL or BIG, depending on the size of the record.   The label kicked off with, 'Speed Freak', by V2 (SMALLBENT-1; 3/78); in 7" terms it ended with the Notsensibles', 'Death To Disco' (SMALLBENT-5; 3/79), which didn't make quite the impression of their subsequent 1979 single, 'I'm In Love With Margaret Thatcher' (Redball Records, RR-002).  The discography below contains the label's entire output, Distributed By Bent Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 V2 Speed Freak BENT SMALL BENT 1
78 John The Postman Puerile (12“) BENT BIG BENT 2
78 Teardrops In And Out Of Fashion (12“) BENT BIG BENT 3
79 John The Postman Psychedelic Rock´N´Roll Five Skinners (12“) BENT BIG BENT 4
79 Notsensibles Death To Disco BENT SMALL BENT 5

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