Independent label: comparatively short-lived (1974 to 81) a division of BBC Records. BEEB appears to have issued a mixture of themes from BBC programmes and music from BBC sessions. When its parent company changed manufacturers and distributors in the autumn of 1976, moving from Phonogram / Phonodisc to Pye, BEEB naturally went with it, exchanging its dull injection-moulded labels for rather more imaginative paper ones in the process. Catalogue numbers were in the BEEB-000s.  During the Phonodisc era BEEB singles came in plain navy-blue sleeves.  The final BEEB single came out two-and-a-half years after the penultimate one. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Vincent Gene Say Mama BEEB BEEB 1
74 Maclean Don Oggle Cockle Song BEEB BEEB 2
74 Britannia Everything'S Alright BEEB BEEB 3
75 Buddy Rock Around The Clock BEEB BEEB 4
75 Fat Grapple Happy In The Lord BEEB BEEB 5
75 Susanne & Me Looking For Clancy BEEB BEEB 6
75 Susanne & Me Who'S Walking Me Home Tonight BEEB BEEB 7
75 Kent Candy I Only Want To Be In The World BEEB BEEB 8
75 Sammy Duck Duck 'N' Roll BEEB BEEB 9
75 Dooleys On The Move BEEB BEEB 10
75 Morton Lional DonīT Let Life Get You Down BEEB BEEB 11
75 James Roger Little Orphan Boy BEEB BEEB 12
76 Zavaroni Lena Some Of These Days BEEB BEEB 13
76 Zero Angels BEEB BEEB 14
76 Sum R Fun Ooh La La BEEB BEEB 15
76 Mysner Billy Little Ol' Rock 'N' Roll BEEB BEEB 16
76 Funky Band Inc Jamaica Lady BEEB BEEB 17
76 Stewart Maggie Bye Bye Love BEEB BEEB 18
76 Graffiti Come Together BEEB BEEB 19
77 Lee Freddie Fingers Down On The Farm BEEB BEEB 20
77 Radio Active Ten Years After BEEB BEEB 21
77 Greenslade Gangsters BEEB BEEB 22
78 Uncle Po Use My Friends BEEB BEEB 23
78 Parker Alan Angels BEEB BEEB 24
78 Sunshine Take Me For What I Got BEEB BEEB 25
78 Swon Jack & Metres New Wave Band BEEB BEEB 26
78 Federation BlakesīS 7 Disco BEEB BEEB 27
81 Watkins Geraint  I'M A Fool To Care BEEB BEEB 28

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