Independent label: Beck Studios is a recording studio based in Wellingborough. Helen Shapiro, Bauhaus, The Baron Knights, Frank Ifield, and Freddie Mercury are among artists who have recorded there. Beck Records Former Address: 2 Gisburne Road Wellingborough Northamptonshire NN8 4EE. Beck was established by Derek Tompkins in 1969, and it is still going today, under different ownership.  It was a custom recording concern, and a pretty prolific one at that; but as is the way with such businesses its products are hard to trace. The Beck singles were numbered in the BECK-500s to the BECK-800s. As they were from in 1976-79, this suggests that numbering may have begun at BECK-001, though that is merely a guess. Records with Beck numbers appeared on other labels: see also Bancrupt, D.J and Music Bank. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 The Storytellers Beautiful Sunday  BECK BECK  42
76 The Nurses Songs For Christmas BECK BECK 533
78 Venom Crossing The Water BECK BECK  657
78 ABH Geoffrey (Who Wants To Listen To Punk Rock) MUSIC BANK BECK  694
78 Jimmy James And The Vagabonds Loving You Is Easy MOJEM BECK  857
79 Steamers Bikes, Birds And Booze BODYSHOP BECK  873
79 Gobblinz Love Me Too BACON BECK  878
79 Distrainers Say Goodbye DJ BECK  885
79 Cobweb I who have nothing BECK BECK  910
79 Children And Staff Of Rushton Hall Music Makes Sense (Album) BECK BECK  964

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