Independent label: Bearsville was owned by Albert Grossman, and was operative in the USA from 1970 to 1983. Todd Rundgren was the label's main producer and its best-known artist; he never enjoyed the same success in Britain that he did in the States, but he gave Bearsville a hit here in 1973 with 'I Saw The Light'.   The company had to wait until 1979 for its next chart success, which came in the shape of Randy Vanwarmer's, 'Just When I Needed You Most' (WIP-6516). One minor point of interest: Bearsville issued the first records by Sparks, who went on to enjoy worldwide success with other companies. For most of the decade the label was part of the WEA group, singles being listed in their own K-15500 series. Where WEA went, Bearsville went: distribution was initially by Pye, as the Pye-style promo demonstrates; CBS took over in late 1972 or early 1973, at which point promos took on the usual CBS-family-promo appearance. The white-labelled Sparks single is an oddity: standard brown-labelled ones exist, but there's nothing on the white label to suggest a promo.   Mid 1979 saw Bearsville linking up with Island Records; from that point its singles shared Island's WIP-6000 catalogue numbering. The WEA discography below have Some gaps, and are due to the numbers being used for overseas releases. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Foghat What A Shame  BEARSVILLE K 15501
72 Rundgren Todd I Saw The Light BEARSVILLE K 15502
72 Hungry Chuck South In New Orleans (Doin' The Funky Lunchbox) BEARSVILLE K 15503
72 Not Issue In Uk BEARSVILLE K 15504
72 Sparks Wonder Girl BEARSVILLE K 15505
73 Rundgren Todd I Saw The Light BEARSVILLE K 15506
73 Not Issue In Uk BEARSVILLE K 15507
73 Charles Bobby Small Town Talk BEARSVILLE K 15508
73 Rundgren Todd We Gotta Get You A Woman BEARSVILLE K 15509
73 Not Issue In Uk BEARSVILLE K 15510
74 Foghat Long Way To Go BEARSVILLE K 15511
74 Not Issue In Uk BEARSVILLE K 15512
74 Rundgren Todd Hello It'S Me BEARSVILLE K 15513
74 Not Issue In Uk BEARSVILLE K 15514
74 Rundgren Todd A Dream Goes On Forever BEARSVILLE K 15515
74 Sparks Girl From Germany BEARSVILLE K 15516
74 Foghat Step Outside BEARSVILLE K 15517
74 Not Issue In Uk BEARSVILLE K 15518
75 Rundgren Todd Wolfman Jack BEARSVILLE K 15519
75 Cavaliere Felix Flip Flop BEARSVILLE K 15520
75 Rundgren Todd Real Man BEARSVILLE K 15521
76 Foghat Slow Ride BEARSVILLE K 15522
76 Not Issue In Uk BEARSVILLE K 15523
76 Rundgren Todd Love Of A Common Man BEARSVILLE K 15524
76 Not Issue In Uk BEARSVILLE K 15525
76 tony wilson I like your style BEARSVILLE K 15526
77 Foghat I Just Wanna Make Love To You BEARSVILLE K 15527
77 Not Issue In Uk BEARSVILLE K 15528
77 Not Issue In Uk BEARSVILLE K 15529
77 Wilson Tony Anything That Keeps You Satisfied BEARSVILLE K 15530
77 Utopia Communion With The Sun BEARSVILLE K 15531
77 Not Issue In Uk BEARSVILLE K 15532
77 Wilson Tony New York City Life BEARSVILLE K 15533
77 Not Issue In Uk BEARSVILLE K 15534
77 Winchester Jesse Nothing But A Breeze BEARSVILLE K 15535
77 Utopia Love Is The Answer BEARSVILLE K 15536
78 Foghat I Just Want To Make Love To You BEARSVILLE K 15537
78 Powell Roger Pipeline BEARSVILLE K 15538
78 Rundgren Todd Can We Still Be Friends BEARSVILLE K 15539
78 Not Issue In Uk BEARSVILLE K 15540
78 Norma Jean Saturday BEARSVILLE K 15541
78 Liar  Set The World On Fire BEARSVILLE K 15542
78 Rundgren Todd All The Children Sing BEARSVILLE K 15543
79 Vanwarmer Randy Just When I Needed You Most BEARSVILLE  WIP 6516
79 Vanwarmer Randy Call Me BEARSVILLE  WIP 6536
80 Briggs Brian Nervous Breakdown BEARSVILLE  WIP 6545
80 Jean Norma High Society BEARSVILLE  WIP 6559
80 Rundgren Todd Set Me Free BEARSVILLE  WIP 6581
80 Foghat Third Time Lucky BEARSVILLE  WIP 6582
80 Vanwarmer Randy Whatever You Decide BEARSVILLE  WIP 6611
80 Briggs Brian See You On The Other Side BEARSVILLE  WIP 6664
81 Average Jimmy & Faloons Chi Chi Cheri BEARSVILLE  WIP 6676

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