Independent label: Beal Feirste being the Gaelic name for Belfast it seems a reasonable bet that the Beal Feirste label came from that city.  It seems to have issued at least just four singles, three of which were by Folk band The Freemen. The titles of all four suggest that the label's owners had Republican leanings. The Freemen's 'The Flight From Mountjoy' came out in 1973 with a catalogue number of PDF-001; The next three singles were numbered in an FM-000 series. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Freemen The Flight From Mountjoy BEAL FEIRSTE PDF 001
73 Freemen Winchester BEAL FEIRSTE FM 002
73 Freemen Ireland Unfree BEAL FEIRSTE FM 003
74 Jus Kelly & The Flint Say Hello To The Provos BEAL FEIRSTE FM 004
75 The Freemen Freedom BEAL FEIRSTE BF 001

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