Independent label: Beacon label was mainly dedicated to Soul/Pop, though it also issued several Psychedelic singles and the first records by Rock band UFO. It started life in 1968, scored with its first release, 'Ain't Nothing But A Houseparty' by the Show Stoppers (a hit again, to a lesser degree, in 1971), and hit the buffers in 1973. The man responsible for Beacon was Milton Samuels; Eddy Grant, Donnie Elbert and Biddu were among the people who produced singles for the company. The first half-dozen or so issues were numbered in the 3-100s. 3-100 initially had a red-and-white-hooped label for later pressings and for the other records in the 3-100 series this was replaced by a plainer yellow design. By the time of the eighth release the catalogue numbers had changed to the BEA-100s, EMI had taken over manufacture and distribution, and the labels had become white with a black circle; some of the more popular of the 3-100 singles were reissued with new BEA-100 numbers. Around BEA-146 the design changed somewhat, with the logo growing and migrating to the top of the label; the colours changed to black-on-sea-green, with occasionally silver replacing the black. At some point between BEA-170 and BEA-179 the label turned white again; between 179 and 184 the circle and logo were dropped.  Numbers reached the late BEA-180s in April 1972, at which point Beacon seems to have been shelved; it was revived in Spetember of that year for a dozen or so issues, with numbering starting again at BEA-100.  This time around labels were either grey or orange (BEA-101; 112 onwards); the design was basically the same as the logo-free post-BEA-184 one.  Manufacture and distribution of this last batch of Beacons was by CBS.  Beacon had a short-lived subsidiary, 'Up Front'. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Showstoppers Ain'T Nothing But A House Party BEACON BEA. 100
73 Ronald Tony Please Don'T Go Away BEACON BEA. 101
73 Not Issued BEACON BEA. 102
73 Brown Spike Girl I'Ll Never Know BEACON BEA. 103
73 Bridger Bobby Why Do I Love You BEACON BEA. 104
73 Davis Barry Strange News BEACON BEA. 105
73 Silverhill California Sunshine BEACON BEA. 106
73 Sons & Lovers Happiness Is Love BEACON BEA. 107
73 Jessup Little Friend BEACON BEA. 108
73 Graphite Chestnut Loke BEACON BEA. 109
73 Silverhill Kentucky Girl BEACON BEA. 110
73 Clangers Dance Of The Clanger BEACON BEA. 111
73 Spelman Bruce Lady BEACON BEA. 112
73 Hollywood Every Little Touch BEACON BEA. 113
73 Davis Barry I Wish It Would Rain BEACON BEA. 114
73 Morgan Tony Racial Segregation BEACON BEA. 115
73 Raye Sol I'Ve Got You You'Ve Got Me BEACON BEA. 116

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