B.B.J. record was a DIY label, from 1976.  The only B.B.J. record was a Reggae version of Yvonne Fair's 1976 hit 'It Should Have Been Me', by B. B. James (BBJ-1).  On several other Reggae records, 'B. B. James' was a pseudonym for the popular singer Busty Brown (born Clive Smith); this B. B. James, however, is a woman.  Presumably the label was hers.  The song is a pleasant piece of Lovers Rock, and it wouldn't have been out of place on a major label.  Pressing was by Lyntone, matrix numbers LYN-3583/4. Distributed By B.B.J. record. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 B. B. James It Should Have Been Me B. B. J BBJ 1

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