Independent label: BBC / Hi-Fi Weekly Records A one-off, from 1977. it's debatable whether it can be called a 'label' as such, but I reckoned it was different enough to deserve a page to itself.  An agreement between Spotlight Publications and BBC Records resulted in a free EP which was given away with the April 2nd edition of Hi-Fi Weekly And Record Review.  The EP had a catalogue number of HI-FI-001, logically enough.  The first side offered a small selection of sound effects; A1 Thunderclaps And Rain A2 The Guillotine A3 Arm Chopped Off A4 Head Chopped Off A5 Sawing Head Off A6 The Mad Gorilla A7 Space Rocket Taking Off And Landing A8 Electric Storm A9 Roaring Monster A10 Arab Market A11 Portcullis Closing. The second side offered instructions on setting up a stereo system correctly, along with various test recordings.  B1 Introduction. How To Use This Record B2 Channel Identification B3 Channel Phasing (Wiring Reversals) B4 Channel Balance B5 Speaker Location And Stereo Imagery B6 Dummy Head Stereo Demonstration. Hi-Fi Weekly came on the market in the autumn of 1976 and doesn't appear to have survived into 1978. Distributed By Hi-Fi Weekly Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 No Artist Listed Hi-Fi Weekly's Demo Disc BBC / HI-FI WEEKLY HI-FI 001

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