An independent label, BB Former address BB Records: 197 Askew Road W 12, issued around 30 singles in the period 1976 to 1978, though as can be seen from the discography below there are many that I have not been able to trace.  The few examples of BB records that I have seen have all been Bill Campbell productions, suggesting that BB was his company.  It may have been succeeded by the Union label which again featured many of his productions and which started up in 1977.  There would appear to be a connection to the Jumbo label as well. Numbering was in the BB-000 and BB-0000s.  The company appears to have used just the one label design, which came in several different colour schemes. Distributed By BB Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Ginger Williams Oh Baby Come Back  BB BB 001
75 The Daveracks Forget Me Not BB BB 002
75 Tribe Africa (Part 1) BB BB 003
75 Bill & Pete I Just Want To Be Loved BB BB 04
75 Express Rebel Man BB BB 005
75 Ginger Williams This Life BB BB 006
75 Campbell Bill  Make Me Yours BB BB 007
75 Campbell Pete  One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer BB BB 008
75 Honey Boy  Is My Love Too Late  BB BB 009
75 Campbell Brothers Glad The Day I Found You BB BB 0010
75 Family Choice Let'S Do It Again  BB BB 011
75 Not Issued BB BB 012
75 Velvet Shadow  My Happiness Depending On You  BB SB 013
75 Family Choice Long As You Love Me BB BB 0014
75 Ginger Williams I'll Still Love You BB BB 0015
77 Campbell Bill  Cool It  BB BB 0016
76 Campbell Bill & Ginger Williams  The Vow  BB BB 0017
76 Robinson Jackie  Home Home  BB BB 0018
76 Honey Boy  So Much Love BB BB 0019
76 Al Robinson Do It Right BB BB 0020
77 Family Choice  Forever Forever  BB BB 0021
77 Campbell Pete  Where They Gonna Run To  BB BB 0022
77 Not Issued BB BB 0023
77 Not Issued BB BB 0024
77 J.D. Albert  I Stand Accused  BB BB 0025
77 Honey Boy  River Of Tears BB BB 0026
77 Brother Bill Sister Pat Campbell  You'Re Gonna Get Next To Me  BB BB 0027
77 Pete Campbell Let The Music Rock Your Soul BB BB 0028
78 Campbell Bill  Long Time Dub BB BB 0029
78 Campbell Pete  Without You BB BB 0030
78 West 9 Closer I Get To You BB BB 0031
78 Peter Campbell Daylight And Darkness BB BB 0032

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