An independent label,  A German label, the record arm of German chemical company BASF is the largest chemical company in the world. BASF originally stood for Badische Anilin- und Soda-Fabrik (Baden Aniline and Soda Factory). It was founded in Mannheim, Germany, by Friedrich Engelhorn in 1865 for the production of dyes, in 1867 he managed the first industrial synthesis of Indigo, with the effect that jeans became affordable work clothes. They later became leading in the development of plastics (Nylon, Styropor). In 1935, IG Farben and AEG presented the "Magnetophone" the first tape recorder at the Radio Exhibition in Berlin, and BASF had a magnetic tape division. After acquiring Agfa-Gevaert (which produced photo and film materials) in the 1990s BASF Magnetics was spun-off into the French EMTEC, producing magnetic media products and other computer related consumables such as recordable CDs. During the '50s the company concentrated mainly on Jazz and Classical music.  BASF came on to the scene in Britain c.1974; its first 7" release was Derek Ward's, 'We Are The Miners Of Today' (BA-1001).  The label was marketed by Decca.  No BASF single ever bothered the chart compilers over here, though Jigsaw went on to register a couple of hits after leaving the label (see 'Splash').  By July 1976 BASF had ceased its UK music operations, reportedly because of lack of interest within the parent company. Distributed By Selecta. 

73 Freddy Breck We Believe In Tommorrow BASF 05 11600 4
72 Candlewick Green Doggie BASF 05 19536 2
72 Jigsaw That What It's All About BASF 05 19372 9
73 Phil Traine Beautiful Jim BASF 05 19573 7

74 Ward Derek & Friends We Are The Miners Of Today BASF BA 1001
74 Jigsaw Mention My Name BASF BA 1002
74 Flight What Am I To Do BASF BA 1003
74 Cindy & Bert Our Summer Song BASF BA 1004
74 Junior High & Rockers IVe Seen The Film IVe Read The Book BASF BA 1005
74 Kramer Billy J Stayin' Power BASF BA 1006
74 Scott & Dyer Quarter To Three BASF BA 1007
74 Malcolm Roberts She BASF BA 1008
74 Jackal Year Of The Tiger BASF BA 1009
74 Jigsaw You'Re Not The Only Girl BASF BA 1010
74 Larri Other Side Of Me BASF BA 1011
74 Mullard Arthur Not Now Arthur BASF BA 1012
75 Jigsaw Baby DonT Do It BASF BA 1013
75 Loco At The Local Dance BASF BA 1014

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