An independent label,  Owned by Stephen Metz.  Bareback's products seem to have been aimed at the disco market, In Britain, only two Bareback singles came out, both of them in November 1977.  They shared a catalogue series with those of Ember and were presumably licensed by that company for release over here.  Several other Bareback singles were issued on the actual Ember label, before and after these two. Distributed By PYE Records. The Sophisticated Ladies (members Emma Pought, Jannie Pought, Reather Dixon and Laura Webb).  Limmie And The Family Cooking (members Limmie Snell, Jimmy Thomas and Martha Stewart ). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Sophisticated Ladies Check It Out BAREBACK EMBS 353
71 Limmie & Fammily Cookin' I Can Stop Anytime I Want To BAREBACK EMBS 354

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