An independent label, Belonging to Folk singer Mandy Morton, Banshee acted mainly as an outlet for her records and for those of the group which she fronted, Spriguns.  The company seems to have issued records only sparingly, but there were at least two singles - separated by eight years - and two albums: 'Magic Lady', by Spriguns, and 'Boot In The Door', by Cobblers Last. Distributed By Banshee Records PO.Box 116 Cambridge. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Morton Mandy & Spriguns Song For Me BANSHEE BANS 791
78 Mandy Morton And Spriguns Magic Lady (Album) BANSHEE BAN 1011
78 Cobblers Last Boot In The Door (Album) BANSHEE BAN 1012
83 Mandy Morton Band Valley Of Light ‎(Album) BANSHEE BAN 1013
87 Mandy Morton  Winter Storms BANSHEE BAN 1014

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