Independent label: Started by former EMI boss Guy Robinson in 1978. Bandbox Ltd's address was at 3 Lower Mount Street, Dublin. Cathal Dunne is a crooner who represented Ireland at Eurovision and still packs them in on the cabaret circuit. The A-side of his single is an Elvis Presley cover. The Breakaways were an obscure outfit active as early as 1974 with one single to their name. The A-side is reputedly a good poppy track with a neat organ break; the two tracks on the flipside are country versions of well known songs.

78 Cathal Dunne & Stateside  Suspicious Minds  BANDBOX BAB 101
78 Billy Roche Band  Shamrock Shuffle BANDBOX BAB 102
78 Breakaways  Come On Baby  BANDBOX BAB 103

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