An independent label, The Country and Western subsidiary of Cliff Moore's 'It' Records from Northern Ireland, Band-It released three singles, all of them in 1978.  The records had the titles on one label and the company's logo on the other, as did those of the parent company. Band-it Records Portadown shop was damaged in an IRA car bomb blast which destroyed the labels archives. It has been claimed (usually be dealers) that a (significant) portion of the Outcasts pressing was destroyed in this blast but it seems that it was only Cliff's spare copies that were destroyed. As a result, he has few mementos of the era. The It Records chain itself disbanded in the early 90s. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Anne & Dave   Where The Blue and Lonely Go  BAND IT BAD 1
78 Anne & Dave   Sometimes BAND IT BAD 2
78 Variety   Everybody's Making It Big But Me BAND IT BAD 3

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