An independent label, from the Punk / New Wave era.  Bancrupt was based in Milton Keynes; it released at least two singles by Left Hand Drive, 'Jailbait' (BECK-611; 1/78), and 'Who Said Rock 'n' Roll Is Dead' (BAN-012; 7/78).  The catalogue number of the second suggests that there were at least eleven other singles on the Bancrupt label, The BECK-000 numerical series was proper to the the studio which did the recording, Beck Studios, and can be found on a number of different DIY labels. Left hand drive formed in the early 1970s in northampton. they featured the twin lead guitars of jack swann and dave clemmo, john brassett on the bass and scotsman tommy kerr on drums. On the vocals was the steve parish, who previously played in another northampton group called windlord with john brassett. Distributed By Bancrupt Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Left Hand Drive Who Said Rock & Roll Is Dead BANCRUPT BAN 012

78 Left Hand Drive Jailbait BANCRUPT BECK 611

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