An independent label, Bamboo Now label was a subsidiary of the late '60s / early '70s Reggae label Bamboo, and was apparently dedicated to Soul music.  I have only been able to find references to one single on Bamboo Now, 'Now I'm Alone' / 'Funky Night' by Irving Brown, which was reputed to have a catalogue number of BN-1003.  The same two titles, however, appear on the Now! label, which was distributed by Bamboo, this time by Len Barry, with a catalogue number of NOW-1003.  The facts that the two titles are identical, the number 1003 is common to both, and both dated from the same year, 1971, when added to the link with Bamboo, make me suspect that the Irving Brown single may be no more than a misprint in a trade paper of the time; Distributed By Bamboo Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Not Traced BAMBOO NOW BN 1001
71 Not Traced BAMBOO NOW BN 1002
71 Brown Irving Now I'M Alone BAMBOO NOW BN 1003

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