An independent Reggae label dating from 1978-80. Ballistic singles shared two catalogue series with its parent company, United Artists.  Earlier issues were in the UP-36000 range; later ones in the BP-300s. Despite the fact that it nudged the Top 50 in 1979 with the Jolly Brothers', 'Conscious Man' (UP-36415) Ballistic doesn't seem to have survived past 1980. GUN-103 and GUN-104 were issued on the Sunpower labelDistributed By United Artists and Pye Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Hylton Sheila Breakfast In Bed BALLISTIC BP 304
79 Marvels Sh-Boom BALLISTIC BP 309
79 Blood Sisters Ring My Bell BALLISTIC BP 314
79 Rasses  You Gotta Have Love (Jah Love) BALLISTIC BP 315
79 Royal Rasses   Ain´T Nobody Here But Me BALLISTIC BP 327
79 The Jolly Brothers You've Got To Leave Him (Part I) BALLISTIC BP 328
79 Hortense Ellis Love Comes From Unexpected Places BALLISTIC BP 329
79 Edwards  Jackie My Name Is Fred BALLISTIC BP 331
80 Janet Kay I Do Love You BALLISTIC BP 336
80 King Geraldine Growing Up BALLISTIC BP 339
80 T-Charm Rhythm In Rhapsody BALLISTIC BP 341
80 Wilson Delroy Sharing The Night Together BALLISTIC BP 343
80 Hudson People Boy Scout BALLISTIC BP 350
80 Edwards Rupie That Wonderful Sound BALLISTIC BP 357
80 Jah Thomas  Cricket Lovely Cricket  BALLISTIC BP 358
80 Thomas Lincoln Natural Wild BALLISTIC BP 359
80 Proton We´Re Funkin´ BALLISTIC BP 364
80 Thopmson Lincoln Spaceship BALLISTIC BP 369
80 Marvels You Gonna Make Me Happy BALLISTIC BP 373
78 Meditations  Woman Piabba  BALLISTIC UP 36413
78 Jolly Brothers  Conscious Man  BALLISTIC UP 36415
78 Jarrett Winston & Righteous Flames War  BALLISTIC UP 36416
78 Love Brothers United  Earth Is The Lord  BALLISTIC UP 36417
78 Royals  Come A Long Way  BALLISTIC UP 36418
78 Gaylads  Love And Understanding  BALLISTIC UP 36436
78 Meditations  Tricked BALLISTIC UP 36449
78 Scorcher Errol & Revolutionaries  Steppin' Worldwide  BALLISTIC UP 36450
78 Royals  Israel Be Wise  BALLISTIC UP 36457
78 Royal Rasses   Unconventional People BALLISTIC UP 36482
78 Rasses  Old Time Friends (Part I) BALLISTIC UP 36496
78 Royals  Happy Time  BALLISTIC UP 36498
78 Naturals  Voyage To Atlantis  BALLISTIC GUN 101
78 Psalms  Pitch And Toss  BALLISTIC GUN 102
78 Nora Dean Always Trying SUNPOWER GUN 103
78 The Willows  Baby Let Me Feel It SUNPOWER GUN 104
78 Jolly Brothers  Conscious Man  BALLISTIC GUN 112
78 Royals  My Sweat Turns To Blood BALLISTIC GUN 114

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