An independent label, Basically a Canadian label, though some of its British issues seem to have been British in origin - for example the records by actress Jacquie-Ann Carr and by ex-Applejack Megan Davies. Badger issued several singles over here in 1975-76, all of which appear to have sunk without trace; The first batch of Badger singles came out in 1975. they were numbered in a BAD-000 series, and judging by the appearance of the promo they must have been handled by President Distribution presumably was by Lugton, as it was for the other President family labels.Changes of number, label design, manufacturer and distributor followed: the first 1976 Badger was numbered in the BAD-2000s, had a brown label, was pressed by Lyntone and distributed by Clyde Factors; subsequent issues came under the wing of MWS and were pressed by Decca and distributed by Selecta.  Various kinds of music featured on Badger records, from the Soul of Rosetta Hightower to the Rock of Megan Davies by way of the Singer/Songwriter material of Steve Bogarde. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Griffith Bobby G No Money Blues BADGER BAD 001
75 Bailey David When Is The Sun Gonna Shine On Me BADGER BAD 002
75 Hightower Rosetta Friendship Train BADGER BAD 003
76 Jester Don’T Laugh At Me BADGER BAD 2001
76 Griffith Bobby G Keep An Eye On Your Friends BADGER BAD 2002
76 Carr Jacquie Ann Evertday BADGER BAD 2003
76 Bogard Steve TouchinŽEach Other BADGER BAD 2004
76 Davies Megan Sick And Tired BADGER BAD 2005
79 Gail Barry Melancholy Child BADGER AL 001

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